The company "Modoks"

The company "Modoks" has existed since 1994. In the initial period of operation, we have specialized in sewing uniforms for security firms. Over time, accumulated some experience and a clear understanding of customer needs, we expanded the scope of activities.

Now "Modoks" engaged in sewing clothes for security companies and law enforcement agencies, police, hunters and airsoft. We also offer our customers a different outfit: webbed, pouches, shoulder-belt system, backpacks, ammunition leather, footwear.

Sincere interest in the client, personalized introduction to his needs and maintaining dialogue - this is so that we create clothes that best meets the needs of customers.

According to the company's employees "Modoks" qualitative form for the Police and Security:

  • sturdy and socks;
  • comfortable;
  • warm (if winter);

It corresponds to the accepted standards.

Through dialogue with customers we are improving existing models and develop new - more comfortable. For example, we sew police uniform, which is based on version approved by the relevant authorities. But after talking with the police, we took the liberty to modify the clothes. Minor modifications made more convenient form. Winter jacket is shorter - thanks to wear a holster was made possible not only by the outerwear, but also on the belt. For years we have added a button form (approved version can be worn only over the head).

As our company develops uniforms for security and other business enterprises. This takes into account the needs of employees, corporate identity and wishes of the customer.

The shape of the "Modoks" Coordinating Council recommended in the police department and Northwest Interregional Trade Union of non-state enterprises security "law and order".