Security uniform
Summer suits
and ties
Summer shoes
and natural yarn
or fur
winter shoes
Winter suits
Fast you choose the form out of existing models which we already have in stock
Easy we pick a form for employee in our shop, and you have to pay a bill only when all your employees are fully equipped
Professional We make your form individual from manufacturing original stripes to the development of the individual clothing patterns
Conveniently too high or too thin? There is always a solution: We’ll adjust the form for the required size. Any size.
All-in-one we offer a wide choice of everything you need, from shoes to a whistle. All in one place.
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Military uniform
Clothes for people While developing and improving the costumes our most special attention was paid on the opinion of those who wear them
Checked in action Almost all models have been tested in real-life conditions, and have been modified accordingly
AccurateWhen it comes to the uniform of power structes, there is no such thing as a little detail. Every detail is important. That’s the guideline we use.
In accordance to the manual All uniforms are allowed to be worn in reconnaissance and elite force
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Protective suits and camouflage
unloading system
straps and belts
Insulated suits
Утепленные костюмы
models and new
About us
20 requests
10 000 outfits
per month
10 years of experience with state agencies

MODOX is a family run company which has been a significant market player since 1994. We started off by offering our clients uniform for security guards. Then gathering the required experience and investigating requirements of our clients, we've reasonably widened the assortment of our production. At the moment we're proud to offer a wide range of security and military uniforms, strike-ball equipment and police uniform. Moreover, we offer our clients a great variety of shoes, outfit, equipment, bags and rucksacks, in other words, anything strike-baller, military men, security guards or policemen might need.

We're constantly growing and developing. At the moment MODOX is not only an in-house production of clothes, it's also a shop where you can see and purchase any of our goods. Moreover, we introduced an online shop on our website, and are proud to guarantee a fast delivery of orders regardless of where in the world you need them to be delivered. Should you have any questions, our English-speaking customer support team will be glad to assist.

We're already well-known and have won trust in Europe, Latin America, Canada, the USA and Thailand, and we do our best to widen this list. The two mile stones our company is known for are quality and low rates.

We pay a lot of attention to our customers' needs. Therefore all the models which can be found in our shop are tested in real-life environment or very close to them. You're welcome to check out the photos from these tests in the 'Galary'.

Moreover, almost all models of military apparel as well as the equipment for strike-ball is designed with the representatives of military posture. Our main goal is to produce functional and comfortable clothes.

Should you have any questions or thinking of submitting an order, please feel free to contact us.

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Affairs of the Russian Federation
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