Basic colors camouflage clothing

Camouflage uniforms, in the range presented in the shop "Modoks" is in great demand not only in the military and employees of power structures. Buy camouflage clothing and wear it with pleasure can also sightseeing, active lifestyle, hunters, fishermen and a civilian who prefer to stick to the style of "military" clothing.

Camouflage, first used in the Boer War, constantly improved and changed over the past century. Scientists around the world were really interested in the idea of ​​creating a universal camouflage, suitable to use in the near and far away in the woods, and in the city, steppe and desert.

Universal camouflage suit was never invented. Currently, the best option is to use different types of camouflage in different areas. Successful masking is achieved by the correct choice of colors and pattern.

The store Camouflage Clothing "Modoks" presented camouflage suits, suitable for use throughout Russia. Different colors and patterns allow you to form unnoticed in the open area in the wooded and marshy areas. To find and buy camouflage suit that best fits your goals and objectives, you can contact our consultants.

Camo clothing in St. Petersburg, we offer our clients, successfully passed field tests. "Modoks" carries out product testing in the real world, with the involvement of to verify the quality, convenience and reliability of camouflage military and security forces. We closely follow the inverse response to all our products and improve it according to the remarks. This allows us to provide customers the opportunity to buy cheap camouflage suit, fully meets all their requirements.

Currently identify several basic types of color camouflage clothing.

For example, members of the Russian armed forces often use digital camouflage, which is also referred to as "digital flora." Fundamentally, this figure is well-known and popular "Flora" HCR-98, the sample 1998. This type of camouflage is designed for use in central Russia. Thanks to the "pixel" broken pattern, digital camouflage equally well mask a person near and in the far distance. You can buy camouflage figure and use it for any purpose - including for hunting or fishing. Camouflage suit has a comfortable cut, he sewed of a strong fabric and socks.

There is also a fairly large category of camouflage clothing, which are often referred to simply as "camouflage NATO." Currently, you can easily buy camouflage NATO (or rather, a camouflage suit of the armed forces of NATO), but if you are bringing really high demands on cloaking properties of the suit, better to prefer a more modern version. In fact, a customer who wants to buy camouflage clothing NATO often meant camouflage «Woodland» - cult clothing of the US military, which is a dress with a pattern of brown, dark and light green as well as black spots. Despite the fact that now «Woodland» is considered obsolete, the number of fans of the camouflage colors remains very high.